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I'm home sick from work today. Aarrgghh... So early this morning, like 5:30 this morning, I was feeling horrible. There was like this revolution going on, with my insides trying to get outside, if  you know what I mean. So I'm thinking that it's highly unlikely that I would do well serving the public, in that sort of condition. So I set the alarm, to call in sick to the appointed number. Only I don't know if I actually set it. If I set it, and then turned it off, or what. In any case, I wake up, it's 10:45 A.M., and I'm all WTF???

I didn't know what the heck was going on. I knew that I hadn't called in sick (or at least I thought that I hadn't), but nobody called me from work. And I could barely see the numbers on the telephone, I was so out of it. You know that strange feeling of vertigo, when you don't know if you're up or down, if it's night or day, etc. ?? Well, I was all over that. Finally, I managed to call in, leave a message, and go the hell back to sleep. For like, 10 hours. Half of which felt feverish and slightly psychedelic (although not the fun kind), and half of which were dead-on coma-like.

However, I seem to have risen to the land of the living once more. Slightly shaky, more than a little groggy, but ALIVE. Hallellujah. :) And now I've crawled back into the land of the living to see what my flist has been up to. And all I can say is that the reports are true. There *is* better living through porn. Porn can cure sickness, depression, and all manner of general disorders. I'm feeling better already. Heh. With a generous side-order of excellent writing, serious plot, a little schmoopiness, and a little bit of squee involved, naturellement. So for all of that, I thank you.  You're all awesome. And I have a newfound appreciation for all that you do for us. Not that it was inconsiderable to begin with.  :)

Okay, I have to go find something to ingest, food-wise, and something to drink, as well. Hydration is key. And I can go read some more stuff, as well. All in all, a much better end to the day, than it began. Thank god. You all take care of yourselves too.
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