This is a banner day. There is actual sunshine, people, under a clear blue sky. The birds are chirping in the leafy green trees, and I'm feeling mellow. I don't have to work, and as it's been raining pretty much continuously for the past 3 weeks, I'm astonished and amazed that it's actually a nice day, and I don't have to work. Hallellujah.

I realized, as I was crashing last night  just before 11 P.M., that I haven't gone to sleep before 3 A.M. in weeks. And it just caught up with me. My sleep schedule has always been screwed up, but it's even worse now. But somehow, going to sleep at like 10 or 11, would be like a normal person going to bed at 7. It just doesn't happen. But, now I'm feeling good. I got almost 12 hours of sleep, and I'm going out with Julia. And we'll probably psycho-analyze the Supernatural boys,  and dissect  Atlantis, and eat, and drink, and watch Hill Street Blues (which she got for her birthday, only 3 months late). And a good time shall be had by all.

I've been feeling a little bit strange, realizing that I'm going to be turning 35 on Wednesday. And I don't mind, exactly, because my 30s have so far been *way* better than my 20s. I think that it's just sort of a surprise that I made it here at all. When I was 16, I found it hard to believe that I would make it to 20. And then I made to 30, which was a miracle in and of itself. And here I am. And I keep waiting for that moment to come, the one where I feel as though I've achieved that status of "grown-up".  (Which I may have mentioned to lyra-wing). But so far it eludes me. And if I start going down the check-list of where I thought I'd be at 35, and where I've actually wound up, then I might get depressed.

But the truth is this. I have a good life. I've got a good job (even if it drives me crazy), working with an awesome group of people. I have the best friends a girl could ask for. I have an apartment that I love, and my time is my own. I love dinners out at the best little restaurants in town.  I love my T.V. shows, and listening to my tunes, and spending hours on the computer with all the stuff that makes life fun. And now I have this. So to all of you people who write the fanfic, and post the pretty picspams, and give of yourselves, I thank you. Truly. Because in so many ways, you make life just so much more enjoyable than I could have ever hoped for. Yay.

And now I'm going to go and indulge myself. I hope that you all have a wonderful week-end.
So it's a long week-end here, and I have to say that I approve. Every week-end should be a long week-end.  We'd have the usual couple of days to go out,  run our errands, etc. etc. etc.,  and then have an extra day to just lounge around  indulging ourselves in sleeping in,  reading fic,  watching stuff,  whatever.  A day of recovery and renewal. I'm sure that I would be much more productive, if that were the case.  :)

I had dinner with my  girl Bridget last night. And she had found some boxes filled with old letters and cards that I've sent to her over the years. She keeps everything. Now I've known her for 20 years now, so some of this stuff was written when I was 16!!!  And I didn't even remember writing half the stuff that was in there, so it was fascinating.
OMG. We laughed so hard we bust a gut, and there may've been a few tears mixed in there. But the funny thing is that, as far as I could tell,  I sounded exactly like I do now. Only more dramatic.  And funnier.  It's sad that we couldn't remember all the inside jokes.  We're all  "What does that mean?? I don't know". Which just cracked us up more.

I was also spreading the gospel of the wonder that is Jensen Ackles and Supernatural. She had NEVER heard of him!!! For shame. What kind of crazy world are we living in?? Anyway, good friends, good food, good tunes and some mighty fine memories, made for a good time had by all.

I'm gonna go wallow in my fanfic now, and hope for some updates on the WIPs I'm following. Take good care of yourselves, whereever you're at right now. I hope that inspiration finds you and fills you up.
The new CW network has apparently picked up both "Supernatural" (THANK GOD!!!) and "Veronica Mars", which is also marvellous. Not quite in the same category as my show Supernatural, in terms of sheer heart-stopping Must See It Now qualities, but very, very good nonetheless. This is fabulous news.

Why they would also bring that evil  "7th Heaven" back, especially after its much-vaunted Series Finale (!!) I don't know, but frankly I don't care. As long as I can see my boys running around looking pretty and  fighting evil, then all is right with the Universe. Yes. 

And when I get my Supernatural DVD's, in September, I'll be able to watch them running around over, and over, and over again. It's always good to have something to look forward to.  Gives you something to get up in the morning for. :)
So I work at the public library in Ottawa, our nation's capital.  As a matter of fact, I work
at the Main Branch.  This would be the one that's downtown, centrally located. Smack
 dab in the middle of things.

 When you step out the door of the library, and walk a short  5 blocks to the north, you
reach Parliament Hill, site of the Parliament Buildings, where all the policy and law-
making occurs.  3 blocks east, just over the Rideau Canal,  you find the University
of Ottawa and our National Defense Headquarters. A mere 10-minute walk away from
 the library, you find both the International Hostel and the Shepherds of Good Hope
Mission for helping the homeless, and the Salvation Army.

What that all means is that, on any given day, we can have the homeless, the schizo-
phrenics, and the disenfranchised, rubbing elbows with civil servants, military officers,
students and people from every walk of life and virtually every nation. Which is a good
thing, most days. But it also means that you never quite know what's going to happen.
There are freaks everywhere. And they're not always the ones living on the fringes of
society, either.

Sometimes, you get the feeling that some of the people who come in are just so tightly
wound, either from their current experiences, or from what they've left behind, when they
came to this country. And sometimes, it's a civil servant who's just about to blow.

We just found a guy today, who's been coming in for years, who has checked out over
200 books on his card, and has been hiding them around the library. Squirrelling them
away for some reason. And we found another guy, who apparently has a foot fetish, has
taken to placing Chocolate-peanut-butter-cups on the ground, in the aisles. So that when
a woman would unknowingly step on them, he could step forward and help her "clean"
her shoes. Which is just too bizarre. All that lurking and plotting, etc. etc. etc. And that's
just the tip of the iceberg.

All that to say that sometimes, you just want to throw up your hands and say I give up. I'm
tired of dealing with all of this hassle. All the complaining that people do. But then you get
to meet some new immigrants, who've just arrived in Canada. And one of the very first things
that they want to do is get their very own library card. And they're so thrilled and proud to
have it. Because maybe they've never had one before. Because they weren't allowed to read
where they're from. Or they had to make a special application to their government, for permis-
sion to use their libraries. And even then, they sometimes had to wait for weeks while their
request was processed and possibly denied. And here they are, with a shiny new card in just
 a few minutes, and the sky is the limit. Because suddenly they can choose what they want
to read, or watch, or listen to.  And knowledge is a wonderful thing.

And I realize, once again, how very much we take for granted. And suddenly, it makes all the
insanity that we deal with, on a daily basis, worth it. Because it's worth it, having a place where
people can go, be they rich or poor, etc. It's for everyone.

Now I just have to keep telling myself that, when I head back for another round tomorrow. :)

On a brighter note, I've been reading ignipes' fabulous new Supernatural WIP "Never Summer". It is highly recommended.

Hello. My name is Dee, and I am a former lurker.

I have succumbed to the lure of the Livejournal. I couldn't help it.
I was spending most of my time hanging around these here parts anyway,
but I always thought that having an LJ was for people who lived to
*share*. Who have busy, busy, action-packed lives, the likes of which
would put the rest of us to shame. My life? Action-packed? Not so much.
A good life, yes. A relatively happy one, yes. All things considered.
So I never thought that I would open an account, because I really
didn't think that there was that much that I would want to say.

But I feel as though I'm part of a community, nonetheless. Happily
tuning in to see what's happening, reading copious amounts of fic,
and just generally enjoying all the smart, funny, *like-minded*
people around the LJ Communities. I figured that I would just dip
my big toe into this fun-filled pond and see what happens.

I don't know when or how often I'll update. Or if there will be anyone
who cares, one way or the other. But please know, if I've friended
you, it's because I found you to have that spark, and charm, and
spirit that can reach out and grab someone. Which is a very good thing

And now that's quite enough out of me. :)



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