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I watched something so beautiful and moving tonight. The documentary "Buck", which tells the story of the original horse whisperer,  Buck Brannaman. It was recommended to me by a co-worker. And I fully expected to enjoy it for the basic fact that I love and respect horses, even if I don't have anything to do with them in my life. 

But I wasn't expecting to be captivated by the way that this man was so genuine, with such great wisdom, and a vast kindness. You hear people speak of someone having a gentle soul, but it's actually something very rare to see. And just watching Buck on screen, and listening to him talk about life, and the choices we make, just brought me to a quiet place where I wish we could all have a little piece of this man's character. He spoke about how horses are the mirrors to our souls, and how sometimes we don't like what we see in the mirror. But sometimes we will. And how life is too short to add to our baggage by dwelling on our mistakes, but how we should learn from them, and get on with the business of living, and being as happy as we can be. 

Some people have very jagged auras, and bring restlessness and frenetic speeches with them wherever they go. If not outright trouble and strife. This is someone that you could sit down beside, and stay a spell, and it would be like sitting by the shore of a cool pond on a summer's day. 

It actually does my heart good knowing that individuals like him are out there in the world, forces of goodness and light and peace. When the world's getting a little crazy, and I find myself gritting my teeth, and thinking dark thoughts, I'm going to try to think of Buck. And try to remember the true value of patience, and of stillness, and of just being in the moment. Not just swallowing down the words but still emanating irritation, and impatience, and judging some of what's going on around me. I've come a long way over the last few years in letting things go, and approaching people with an open heart. But I believe that this could take me even further down the road on this journey that is life. Funny how these lessons can come out of nowhere. 

My heart is feeling full tonight. Maybe I'll have good dreams tonight... It's funny. I remember that when I was very small, and lying in my bed at night, feeling anxious and watchful for things that might come in the night. And I knew that I needed to go to a better place. And I would travel in my mind's eye to a sun-drenched field, with tall grasses waving in the breeze. And wild horses grazing and standing with their manes blowing gently in the wind. And along the borders of this field were colourful wildflowers and roses. And it was so beautiful and peaceful and perfect that I could instantly feel my body unclench and my heart ease. What a magical place. Maybe if I open my heart to it, I'll find that peaceful place again. I hope so. 

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I hope this for you as well.

My friend Miguelvis is the only genuinely gentle person I know. When I learned of some of the things he had to endure in his past I was amazed, because I can barely come out of a bad time at the supermarket all right, yeah?

And yet I have this incredibly vivid memory of the time I had to ask him to give a transient the heave-ho--I don't call security unless a tenant complains or my boss has asked me to do it--only instead of threatening or intimidating the guy, Miguelvis just talked to him, for like twenty minutes.



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