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It seems as though everywhere you look these days on the Internet, on Twitter, etc., people seem to give in to the worst aspects of their natures. It amazes me to see how, in choosing to take the time to comment on a post, a vid, a story, what have you, they are choosing to let loose in anger, or ignorance, or intolerance. Not always, but often enough that I just want to look away. In my mind I hear Newman, from Seinfeld, shouting "Oh the humanity!!!" 

For my part, I don't believe in putting that sort of thing out into the universe. It's not to say that you can't have opinions, or that you can't disagree with, or dislike something. But even contrary opinions can be offered up with respect, and courtesy, and reasonable discourse. I may be Old School, but I try to make sure that whatever I put out there, into the void, will be words of thanks. And appreciation. And maybe a kind word, now and then. 

It may seem like a small thing, but so many times that one word of kindness, or that one smile, can make all the difference. And maybe remind someone that there are many, many quiet participants in the dance that is fandom and fascination. Quiet people who look to your stories, and graphics, and vids, to help them make it through a sleepless night. Who need a laugh, or a good cry session. Who take comfort in the things that you've put so much time and effort into making. But who simply don't have the words to say, or who maybe don't feel as though they have the right to intrude on what they feel is a private conversation between friends, or people who they feel are much cooler than they are. 

I know that I may not have the chance to meet most of the people that I interact with in the various communities I participate in. But even if I never hear anything in return, I know that if nothing else, they will know that they have touched somebody's life. Made them think, and made them feel. Painted pictures with their words that can take on lives of their own, as the story comes to a close. Made an impact on someone's heart. Which is what binds us all together. 
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