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I wish that I could be like my friend, the dolphin, floating and frolicking in clear blue waters, under sun-lit skies. Zipping through space, leaving all my worries behind. And maybe finding some of that elusive peace, going down deep under the waves. (All of a sudden I'm reminded of Luc Besson's French movie "The Big Blue". From 1988. 20 years ago now. OMG. The scenes in the water, with the free-diving and the dolphins, were mesmerizing. The scenes with Rosanna Arquette, not so much.) Suffice it to say that I'm in need of more than a little zen.

I feel as though I'm in a holding pattern, right now. But change is in the air, and although it's likely going to be a good change, a positive change, it still points to a certain amount of upheaval, which I generally try to avoid. But sometimes we just need to take that leap of faith, to reach the next level, where we're supposed to be at. So if anyone is feeling so inclined, keep your fingers crossed for me, that I can find the courage and the wherewithal to proceed. Your good thoughts would be much appreciated.

I hope that I'll be able to continue with my writing this year. So think good thoughts on that front as well.  The words, and thoughts, and images, aren't generally the problem. It's being able to focus, to sit down and apply them with purpose and direction, that's the trouble.  And also,  the incredible aggravation that comes from reading the constant (yes *constant*),  mis-use of "to" and "too" and "lose" and "loose". (Among many, many others.) Seriously. Spellcheck is irritating me to no end. Just because a word exists, does not mean it should be used in that context. But I digress.

I'm going to try to take a little mental vacation, if nothing else. I watched "Supernatural" tonight, and was reminded of just how much I *love and adore* my boys. That made me happy. I lost my favourite pair of gloves, in a taxi, the other day. (The best gloves I ever owned, from "Roots", with faux-fur around the cuffs, and a thick inner lining, keep my hands warm no matter how cold it gets.) I thought that I would never see them again. And was sad. So sad. It was kind of like the final straw. But today the driver saw me, and recognized me. And he got my gloves out of a clean box, in the trunk of his car. And I was happy. Sooo happy. It just goes to show. You never know.  *Nods and thinks deep thoughts*

And with those completely original words of wisdom, I am off to try to get some sleep tonight. 5 hours really isn't enough, but it's better than the 3 and a half I got last night. So sleep well, everyone. Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Belated though those wishes may be. May you feel love in your hearts for friends, and family, and most of all for yourselves. :)
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