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Bah, icky humidity. I hate it. I hate it, I tell you. It's too hot. And here's poor little old me without the A/C. And we know no such thing here, as a "Dry Heat". That's a mythical creature, if ever there was one. But, it's not *quite* so bad today, as it was yesterday, and the sun is shining under blue skies, so I suppose thank goodness for small favours. I do love my trusty fan, however. These days, I like to worship at it, like at a shrine. Good times. *grins*

In other news, my entire family is coming for a visit, the first week-end in August. It's always just a LOT to have them all here. And I always wind up the visit with mixed emotions. Happy that I saw them, and obviously that they care enough to visit. Shouldn't take that for granted. But there is a reason why I live in a city 6 hours away from my parents, and 41/2 away from my sisters. Because frankly, they drive me nuts. I love them to pieces, but I'm always a wreck after these encounters. So thank goodness for early warning. Allows me to clean up the place, stash anything that I don't want them inquiring about, and prepare myself. On the plus side, is my wee nephew. A few months short of 2 yrs. old, and universally adored by the whole clan. So I'll hang onto that. 

In the meantime, I'll just have to self-medicate. Copious amounts of diet coke and porn. As Poisontaster said (I think that it was her) Porn Heals All. And I'll read all sorts of stories of a more innocent nature as well, I'm sure. So wish me luck. I'm gonna need to hang onto my sanity, and zen-like calm, like nobody's business. I hope that you all are doing alright. Meanwhile, I need another drink. *grin*

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Date: 2006-07-19 03:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] big-pink.livejournal.com
Jesus, I just about wept with delight at 'copious amounts of diet coke and porn' as a way to cope with relatives descending upon you. Have to admit, I'm the relative doing the descending right now, and I'd be really, really surprised if any of my guys were mainlining porn and pop -- that might brighten things up a little, mind. Maybe I should suggest it as an after-dinner thing instead of, you know, charades or scrabble.



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