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Woohoo, I'm free... I am now the proud recipient of a 3-day long week-end. I have tomorrow, and Saturday (Canada Day) and Sunday off.  Which is an awfully good thing, since I've been all confused as to what the heck day it is all damn week. I thought that it was Thursday, when it was only Tuesday  (Yes, I know.  Wishful thinking and all that. *grins*)  Anyway, lets just say that it made for a long and painful week.

Now it is time to have fun.  Stock up on the food and beverages tomorrow. (There is nothing left in the cupboards or fridge, so the situation has clearly gotten desperate. I hate grocery-shopping, but I enjoy having the occasional bite to eat. So there you go.)  Then it's partying with one group of friends on Canada Day  ( hopefully avoiding the worst of the crowds, which I like in theory, because it has a very festive atmosphere, but hate in practice, because I hate large groups of people).  And hanging with another group of friends on the Sunday. It's going to be awesome.

So a big old Happy Canada Day to come for my Canadian cousins, and a very happy 4th of July to my American friends as well. Take good care of yourselves, and remember: Moderation in all things. *grins*
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